Florida National Guard Aviation
A Pictoral History

1-111th Aviation Co and Co D/26th Avn

First Cobra DeliverySP6 Peacock Receives award (26th Aviation)111th Aviation Annual Training Pic 1964Adkison and Sorrell recive trophy.Adkison Oneal and DavisCraig Field circa 1970sAnother Craig Field Aerial  PicCraig Field Ground BreakingGeneral Willis and Pete MorrisH60 Visit to Craig FieldUH-1 Armed up...1970sImeson Crew from the 60sImeson Hangar circa 1960s0H-58 Crew 1970sOtter at Imeson AirportPappy Henson flew in WWII with Pappy Boyington, came back to AASF to finish his career, retired in Georgia.Silver Eagles presenting Charles Willis with signed photo.Charlie Valentine at Flight Operations, Craig FieldCharlie Valentine Flight Operations, Craig FieldVeterans Day 1972Pine Castle Hover and Hold( 26th Aviation)Ed Aschenbach 1979, Veteran's Day Parade
Some OLD great Photos and great history for Florida Aviation
Encampment at Ft. Drum NYLoading C141 for the Ft. Drum Deployment.  SPC Cohen on LeftDipping water for the 1980 big fire in West Florida.Water Drop on West Florida Fire 1980PFC Hartman on Motor Pool Duty 1968 ATDoug Rowden, Ed Kalakauskis, Camp Drum, NYPFC Hartman changing a 2 1/2 ton tire at AT in 1968
Reloading the Bambi Bucket: 1980 West Florida Fire1968 AT, Harry Horn dancing for MAJ Kirkland, CPT Atkison and 1SG Sorrell
ANCOC Graduation Day Camp Blanding, Doug Pounds, Charlie Valentine, Randy Hartman, Adam Dubois, Ben Reavis, Henry Collins.AT 1968 Company Party: Vernon Francis showing off his legs.
Our first UH-1M's at Camp Blanding
AT 1968 Company Party:  Vernon Francis and the ole stogie
AT 1968 Chow Line.  Lee Geoghagen, Wally Pain, and Henry Sistrunk
Weekend Drill at Craig Field...1968-69?
AT 1968 Company Party.  Phil Sturgis and Stan Jordan
1980 Fire in West Florida.  Reloading a bambi-bucket in the Suwannee River.

1980 Fire in West Florida.  Farmer's cow pasture, staging area for the aircraft.
AT 1968.  Lee Geoghagen.  As I recall we didn't have barracks back then and had to use tents.
AT 1968.  Otter (Buff) taking off from Camp Blanding, 01 Bird Dogs in the distance.
AT 1968 Company Party. Phil Sturges
AT ’68 Company Party: Luther Feagin, Phil Sturgis, John Sorrell, Maj. Wesley KirklandAT ’68 Company Party: Maj. Kirkland doing a double with Hoss (can’t remember his real nameAT ’68 Company Party: 1St Sgt. John Sorrell, Maj. Kirkland, HossAT ’68 Company Party: Motor Pool gang enjoying the fruits of their labors:
Wally Pain, Lee Goehagan, and Randy Hartman
AT ’68 Company Party: Henry Sistrunk, Vernon Francis, Filmer Smith, trying to put out the yellow smoke grenade someone tossed under (I think) Vernon’s carAT ’68 Henry SistrunkAT’68 Not exactly modern machinery we were flying back then:  OH-13’87 Ops. Shack  La Ceiba Honduras  Randy Hartman NCOICCamp Drum: Packing up personnel gear for the load out to homeGriffiss AirForce Base: Unloading the AH-1’s from the C-141 transportOriginal Craig AF crew: George Loughman,Chuck Kicksmiller,Henry Sistrunk, Ronald  ??, Filmer Smith, Douglas Rowden, Phil Sturgis, Willie Griggs, Vernon Francis, Sidney Griffis, Charles Vickery, Gary Hartman, Richard Michaelson, Luther Feagin, Jerry Hay, Randy Hartman, John Sorrell, Bob Hague.’80 West Fla. Fire: Lunch Break.  Can’t remember this fellas name, he worked for the Dept. of Forestry and was in the guard. ’80 Fire: In the chow hall: Johnny Duce, Ed Achenbach, Barry Watkins, Pete Strunk, David Steiner, Adam DuboisANCOC graduation: Randy Hartman receiving words of wisdom from an ole soldierANCOC graduation : Randy Hartman receiving his diplomaRandy Hartman receiving instructions from one of our pilots on the workings of the Hiller OH-23 sometime in the late ‘60s I’m thinking’80 Fire: Preparing for an early morning takeoffEddie Aschenbach at  Camp Blanding, 1977
From Ed Kalakauskis

1975 or later the picture you're looking at are soldiers who have been forgotten or have now passed on. The Army aviation facility at Craig feel at one time had so many UH-1B,UH-1M, UH-1H, that there was not enough room on the flight line for them they were stored in the motor pool or out along the fence line. We shared the armory with the 20th special forces. The mechanics who work full-time work out of their own private toolboxes and the weekend warriors(were called at that time), only were issued motor pool toolboxes.

The pilots at this time were a lot of the Vietnam era pilots and there was an association that they had called the brotherhood of unemployed pilots(BUP). They hung around the hangar and armory to get their currency rides and to pick up on state missions. Flying missions in this period time was flying. And as Forrest Gump would say( that's all I'm going to say about that”.
The picture you see is of some of the enlisted crew chief that would go out on Friday night to Clamp Blanding Florida to prepare for weekend drill with no additional pay or meals provided for them they would set up the ranges for the aircrews to do aircraft gunnery. Or set up the airfield for night flying.

In the picture top of the aircraft left to right, SP4 Royal(now Col. U.S. Navy), Sgt. Moore(deceased) Sgt. Ashley(?) Bottom the aircraft S FC Mike Ryan(medically retired), Sgt. Ed Kalakauskis(never retired), Sgt. Romance(deceased), SP4, Kushmal,(?)