Florida National Guard Aviation
A Pictoral History
Oh...Those Standard Bearer days!!  Plenty of Staff!  Mid-Late 1990's
S3/Flight Operations Section late 90sThen 1LT Bradley, CPT Lord, and MAJ Shedd at Ft. Stewart during Aerial Gunnery, late 90sSSG Corbet and SSG AgudeloCommanche at the AAAA Show in Orlando SGT Macadangdang stuck this HUMMV while on Range patrol during aerial gunneryFlight Operations SectionTraining Meeting in old HHC Office.
1-111th Aviation (Post 2005)

Some More Current history of the 111th Aviation
Helocasting with SF at Camp Blanding 2007.  Co B/1-111th AvnFire/Water bucket training at Cecil Field 2008.  Co B/1-111th Avn
More Pics provided by previous members of the unit
OIF 2006-2007 first Sgt. K fly to Kuwait to get maintenance done on his camera by first Sgt. Lacsamana, who is now CW 2 Lacsamana .SFC Lacsmana(Manuel), Sgt. Mike Lee, SSg Russell Luker, SSG Michael Ortmayer, I can't remember if the picture was taken in the morning or after the mission in the evening. But the war story is the team went out of the FBO Kandahar Afghanistan into the Badlands to recover a crashed Apache.Co B 1/111th, Kandahar Afghanistan 2004-2005
July 2nd, 2007 Rocket and Mortar Attack