Florida National Guard Aviation
A Pictoral History
UH-60 Crews.  Some are no longer with us.Mess hall at Camp Blanding.  Tim Denham.SSG Tomas Santana of the mess seciton.SPC David Lackie of the Mess SectionSSG Morton....was 60 at the time of this pic and still working circles around the rest of the guys.
AT 89 Camp Blanding
Operation Bright Star 1995
ARTEP Fort Hood 1991
SSG Geoghagan in TexasC5 and Rail Load for trip to Ft. Hood, 1991.Mess Section, SSG Wolfla and 1SG ParkerPost ARTEP Party Pics.  Lots of old faces in here....1SG MIchaelson and 1SG ParkerSSG Wolfla and SPC Leauderalbert in the mess area.
Oh...Those Standard Bearer days!!  Plenty of Staff!  Mid-Late 1990's
S3/Flight Operations Section late 90sThen 1LT Bradley, CPT Lord, and MAJ Shedd at Ft. Stewart during Aerial Gunnery, late 90sSSG Corbet and SSG AgudeloCommanche at the AAAA Show in Orlando SGT Macadangdang stuck this HUMMV while on Range patrol during aerial gunneryFlight Operations SectionTraining Meeting in old HHC Office.
Wow!  Look at this
1-111th Aviation Regiment (Atk Hel)

CW4 Mike Skaret painting the TF legacy Apaches over Kuwait CityLTC BergmanCPT Rung and GoldbergerC5 LoadCW4 Knaak, 1LT Capps, CW4 GrantApaches on the line.Photo OpB/1-111th AvnCPT Goldberger's funnies...
Task Force Jaguar 2000-2001
Good history of 1-111th
First Apache - 1991 Dave Davies, Sid Essex, George Loughman, Richard Michaelson, Kent Cowan, Scott Reed, Bob Godwin, Chris Kick, John Stanley, Marty Lacey, David Steiner, Doug Rowden, Jimmy Dupee, Darryl ThompsonJim McCoy accepting the 1st Apache from Test Pilot1SG Ben ReavisHurricane washed up buoys onto beach, Cumberland Island, GA.  helped Coast Guard pluck them off the beach and put back out into the sea (1992) - CW4 Duce, SSG Roberts, SGT Lloyd, 1LT Miller, CW4 Mike Skaret, SSG Reed, SSG Chambless, LT Wiggins, ST Masters (Aka Eddie), SSG Morris, SSG Battell,..moreCannon Mission, Fort in St. Augustine, FL....October 1992Cecil Field Last Apache!! 2004Cobra 1970's....Representative Charlie Bennett, General Ensslin , COL Adkison at CeremonyHangar Breakroom, 1990OH-58 1980'sOMS-12...Earl KellumLTC Adkison Speaking with CSM Dubois, 1SG Michaelson, CSM Smith, COL Davis, and LTC Godwin.Jim Chambless..date unknownJim Chambless, George Loughman, Date unknownRich Nichols inspecting a Cobra for the Missouri National Guard.
Bosnia Deployment 2004-2005
SGT Tony Veiga with the last active Apache Helicopter for the Florida Army
National Guard Aircraft Tail Number is 8700472; when apaches were turned in
back state side; C. co 1-111th had the last Florida Apaches in Camp Eagle
Bosnia, so this is last active FLARNG Apache Helicopter.
Year is 20052004-2005 SFOR BOSNIA mission Charlie Company 1-111th Avn Attack Helicopter 
1SG Marty Lacey
SSG Francis Goddard
SSG Ben Johnston
SGT Jeffrey Levin
CW4 Richard Nichols
Cpt Ernie Palmer
CW3 Sean Hogan
SSG Darryl Thompson

Unit: Charlie Company 1-111th Avn Attack Helicopter
Year 2004-2005 in Tuzla Bosnia Camp Eagle
Rich Nichols in Houenfels Germany Feb 2004
Try to Pick out the people you Know.   River Run Photo from th 80's
River Run from the 80s
See who you can pick out in the photo